Trinity Cathedral is an Episcopal community passionate about experiencing and sharing the God’s transforming love. Our members are old, young, straight, gay, of European, African and Asian descent.

Our worship style is formal, structured on the ritual practices of the first Christians. We believe that these ancient rituals help us encounter the Mystery of God’s loving presence.

We are a Christian Church seeking to follow Jesus way of sacrificial love in our daily lives. To help with this many at the Cathedral have adopted a Rule of Life that consists of four commitments:

  1. Connect Daily: We commit to a daily practice that helps us stay more grounded in God’s presence in our daily lives. For some this practice is simply to start the day with a prayer of gratitude. Others take on more substantial commitments such as praying Morning Prayer, yoga or meditation.
  2. Practice Community: So much in our world is drawing us to live lives of isolation. We commit to a group, in church or with friends, that helps us build bonds of mutual support and accountability.
  3. Do Justice: Find a way to engage an area of brokenness in our culture through either service or advocacy.
  4. Stay Loving: In all this, do not give into the temptation to judge or demonize people you don’t like, disagree with, or even frighten you.

Trinity Cathedral offers resources to help live into these four commitments.

We are intentional in providing programs and activities that help children grow spiritually and families grow together.

We are committed to social justice and serving the needs of the poor. We have a community dinner for those in need every Wednesday night. We house homeless persons overnight. Many members are active in advocating to  end homelessness. We have intentional programs to combat racism.

We are also the Cathedral for the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California which spans the entirety of the state of California north of Marin County.


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