Wendy Mustain, Communications Coordinator

Wendy Mustain - Communications Coordinator

After thirty years in education — teaching and doing graduate work — Wendy decided to see what other opportunities were available in the work force. Coming to Trinity has been a blessing, according to Wendy. There’s no homework! But actually, her gratitude runs much deeper, as she loves the comraderie in the Trinity office, and finds her colleagues helpful, happy, and easy to work with. Additionally, she enjoys the variety of projects that come across her desk, and the chance to unleash her previously thwarted artistic leanings.

Wendy has a wonderful daughter, Alexis, and son-in-law, Kevin, and two beautiful grandchildren who live in Washington (whom she doesn’t get to see enough). She enjoys animals of all kinds, playing golf, geocaching, upcycling, and reading. If money were no object she would love to open a sanctuary for homeless dogs. Her latest quest is to find a warehouse to refurbish into a combination living space and workshop for upcycling.