Preparing for and Facilitating Worship

Altar Guild

Trinity Altar Guild is a group of men and women who prepare and maintain our sanctuary for use by God’s family.

We are responsible for the care and preparations of the altar, linens, brass, silver, candles, bread, for Sunday worship, baptisms, weddings, funerals and other special services. Experience is not required.  Training is provided by current members of the Altar Guild teams.

The Guild is made up of teams who come in one Saturday per month for one to two hours to clean, polish and set up for Sunday services and help setup and clean up after the Sunday service they attend.

Altar Guild is a ministry that gives you an opportunity to learn many aspects of the church traditions.  It provides a way to be part of the worship at Trinity, not to mention the wonderful fellowship we share in getting to know each other.

If you are interested in exploring Altar Guild service, please contact Sue Clark at 453-8813 or sign up at the Welcome Center in the Great Hall before and after services.

We would love to have you join us.

Bread Bakers

At Trinity Cathedral we bake the bread we use for our Communion Service.  We have about four recipes that are given to each bread baker.  The bread baker is allowed to chose the recipe they like the best.  Each bread baker is given instructions about how the bread should look after it is baked.  The bread bakers are assigned certain Sundays for baking.  Depending on how many bakers we have baking during a certain period.  A baker could be baking as much as once a month or as little as every three months.  If a baker cannot bake that often another schedule can be established for that baker.  The Communion bread is baked to arrive at the church on the Saturday before it is used on Sunday.

Our Bread Baker Ministry Coordinator is Mary Smith.  She can be reached by contacting the Trinity Cathedral Church Office at 916-446-2513.

Creating Prayers of the People

Prayers for the needs of the world are written by members of Trinity Cathedral. To participate in this ministry, contact Canon Lynell Walker

Flower Committee

The Flower Committee is responsible for providing the flowers and greenery that adorn and beautify the church for services on Saturday and Sunday, and for any funerals that are scheduled on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  The work of the Flower Committee is done in teams; each team is responsible for one specific week per month. All training is provided, so new volunteers will always work with experienced committee members who are eager to share their expertise! The work of the Flower Committee is done entirely at the Cathedral, and all scheduling is done ahead of time so you will know well in advance when you will be asked to help.
If this sounds like a way you might enjoy serving the church, please click here for more details about working on the flower committee and how to contact the flower committee member who welcomes new volunteers.


Sacristans are lay people who oversee each Sunday’s schedule of clergy and lay people involved in each service.  It is very much a “behind the scenes” ministry.  Sacristans are well-versed in the Liturgy as it is done at Trinity Cathedral.  They make out the assignment charts for each service which includes assigning clergy and lay Eucharistic ministers to specific stations for the administration of Holy Communion.  They prepare the check-in sheet for the lay people assigned for their particular Sunday, as well as the lay Eucharistic visitor list for each service.  They are responsible for placing appropriate papers (calendar, prayer list, assignment chart and service program) on the prayer desks in the Sanctuary, preparing large print copies of the Collect of the Day, checking the lectionary book for the proper readings, printing the Prayers of the People and placing copies where needed.  This all occurs on Saturday.  On Sunday, the Sacristan watches for the assigned lay people and finds substitutes when needed.

Sacristans serve one weekend a month which usually involves 2 to 3 hours of preparation and then 3 to 4 hours on Sunday.  Since the Sacristan must be very knowledgeable of Trinity’s liturgical practices, it is a position filled by invitation of the Dean. If you are interested please contact Chris Sanft by email at


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