T.R.E.E. Trinity Respecting Earth and Environment

TREE/Trinity Respecting Earth and Environment  provides leadership in raising the consciousness of members of Trinity Cathedral regarding the need to care for God’s creation and the earth’s environment.

We work towards protecting the earth’s ecosystems, safeguarding public health, and ensuring sustainability in harvesting the earth’s resources.

TREE members meet on the second Monday of each month at a member’s home, at 6.30 pm.  We hold an Earth Day Fair in April and a Christmas Fair on a Sunday in Lent.

In the spring and fall, we host a Second Harvest table at Coffee Hour for parishioners to bring their excess garden produce to church to share, and we work at promoting recycling in all aspects of the church’s life.  In the past, we have shown films, held classes, and given talks.  Join us in this lively and important ministry.

Contact Ann Rothschild at rothschild.ann@gmail.com or Deacon Tina Campbell at tinarcampbell@comcast.net.

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