About Newcomer’s Group and Schedule of Classes

New to Trinity or a long time member?  It does not matter.  Newcomers is for you! Newcomers meets almost every Sunday morning in Classroom C (off of the Great Hall to the South or left) and you are welcome to join the group at anytime.  We try to start the session at 10:15 AM, however, we never start before the 9 AM service is over and we always end before the 11:15 AM service begins. The sessions are directed to those new to Trinity Cathedral but everyone is invited to join the sessions. Those of us who attend regularly almost always learn something we didn’t know before.  And we also get to meet the Newcomers. Whenever you have time during the 10 O’clock hour on Sunday morning you will find us in Classroom C.

The Newcomers Ministry Team includes all of the ministers at Trinity Cathedral including the clergy, office staff and Vestry (Board of Directors).  Individuals who are working with Newcomers and attend many of the Newcomer Group Sessions include Jerry Pare, Bill Chisum, Jodi Barkley, Francie Milazzo, Roger Cain, Shireen Miles and many others who are called to be with the Newcomers from time to time. 

Please come join us as we get to know each other better. We are all on a journey and we would like to share our walk with those new to Trinity Cathedral. We, at Trinity Cathedral, believe our journey is easier and more fun if we try this adventure together.  

Contact Person:  Randie Strike randiestrike@gmail.com or Randie.Trinity@gmail.com 

Cell phone 916-203-7586




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