For Trinity Cathedral to become a Beacon of Promise – a model for faith-based social and racial learning and understanding through the development of a Conversation on Race program series and curriculum, to engage its existing African and African American members, and expand its membership among people of color.

To facilitate a series of conversations on race that reduce anxiety and tension and increase civility and comfort by engaging parishioners in honest interactions, dialogue, cultural exchanges, prayer, and meditation.

To develop a race relations program and civil rights curriculum for the church and the community to normalize inter-racial study, worship, and fellowship.

Components of “Conversations on Race”

  • Interactive Presentations will include real people with personal stories, oral histories, and photographs. The presentation of these personal stories and oral histories will be captured using audio, and in some cases video recording for public broadcast programming. The resulting collection of photographs, documented first-person stories, visual materials, art, artifacts, articles, sound and visual recordings, will become a permanent exhibition and part of the project’s Special Tours, Film Series, and Scholar Symposia. (Establish Exhibition, Forum, Panel Format and Identify trainees)
  • Kitchen Table Talks are nondirective conversations hosted by trained facilitators or subject matter experts combined with thematic music and sharing of food. The conversations are organic. Topics flow naturally, yet are focused by facilitators on the themes, content, topics or on specific issues that arise from presentations. KTTs allow people to be heard, validated, share information, and help one another in a non-stigmatizing way. KTTs may take place at the Parish House, at individual’s homes, or other mutually agreed upon location. Food is typical “potluck” (Collect recipes/Develop cookbook for sale as a fundraiser)
  • Special Tours will take the Conversations on Race Interactive Presentations throughout Sacramento. Special tours can be arranged for groups of adults, students, or organizations by advance reservation. (Donations accepted)
  • Film Series Exhibition, in cooperation with Guild Theatre, will accompany major art, artifacts, or speaker exhibitions and will be accompanied by a panel discussion. The film selections may be from television or film public or private collections. This will be an annual fundraising event. (Ticket Sales, Donations accepted/Sponsorships accepted)

Scholar Symposia with renowned scholars and journalists will be developed to expand upon themes content, topics or on specific issues that arise from presentations. Scholars may be researchers, authors, or professors representing the Episcopal Church, Academia, Libraries, the Arts, Social or Behavioral Sciences, Historians, or others with respected experts in the relevant subject matter. (Book Signings, Book Clubs, Literary Publications)


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