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Baptism is one of the primary sacraments of the Church.  We believe Holy Baptism, by water and the Holy Spirit, to be the outward sign by which we are initiated into Christ’s Body, the Church.  Baptism is open to all who seek a deeper life in Christ.  The Episcopal Church welcomes any, regardless of age, to receive the sacrament of Baptism.

For more information regarding the baptism of a child, please contact Rev. Kathy Hopner at 916-930-8027 or  For information regarding the baptism of an adult, please contact any of the clergies.

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Confirmation is one of the sacraments of the Church whereby a baptized candidate makes a mature profession of faith in the presence of a Bishop.  In Confirmation, the candidate chooses to claim for themselves the baptismal promises made on their behalf by parents and/or godparents at an earlier date.  Confirmation is the commitment of one’s life to Jesus Christ.  The Bishop then “confirms” the gift of the Holy Spirit through the laying-on-of-hands as a means of strengthening the candidate on their life’s journey.  For adult Confirmation, please contact any of the clergies for more information.  For youth Confirmation, please contact Rev. Kathy Hopner at 916-930-8027 or, or Rev. Megan Anderson at 916-446-2513 or


Trinity joyfully welcomes those who desire to have their life-long commitment celebrated at the Cathedral.  Weddings signify the longing of two people to commit their lives to God and to each other.  It was honored by Christ at the wedding in Cana in Galilee and is held by the Church as a sacrament of grace to be honored by all people.

Please note: The rite of Wedding requires an application process.

Holy Matrimony Information Form

Canons of the Episcopal Church Concerning Marriage

Wedding Fees Agreement

Wedding Photography Agreement

Wedding Flowers Guidelines-_final

Funerals and the Columbarium

One of the most beautiful liturgies of the Church is the Burial Office.  In it we find language to help sustain and strengthen those who are suffering the loss of a loved one.  When a family member or friend dies, the Church can be a place of comfort.  Her prayers enable us to entrust those we love to God’s never-failing grace.  Funerals (with the body and/or ashes present) and Memorials (where the burial is at a separate time) are planned with one of the Cathedral Clergy.  Trinity Cathedral also has a Columbarium with niches available in the East Transept of the Church.  For additional information on the Columbarium please click here.


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