The Daughters of the King  was founded in 1885 in New York City. There are presently 1,810 Chapters in the United States and overseas. The activities of the Order are Prayer, Service, and Social Activities. There is a three- month orientation-instruction period to be followed – at your leisure. For further information about St. Bridget of Ireland Chapter here at Trinity Cathedral, contact our President Sally Smith at (916) 930-9564 or via email:

The Order of St. Luke is an ecumenical Order of laypeople and clergy dedicated to the Christian healing ministry. At Trinity, members of the Order participate in Stephen Ministry, Thursday night classes on healing, and the Trinity 9-1-1 prayer ministry. Members also engage in healing prayer with the laying-on of hands at special Healing services during the week and quarterly on Sundays through the year. For more information, call Elba Rivas de White at (916) 684-4015, or contact her via email:

The Order of Julian of Norwich is a cloistered community of both monks and nuns, with a vocation of contemplative prayer and spirituality in the tradition of Blessed Mother Julian, anchoress and mystic, who wrote The Revelations of Divine Love. Associates and Oblates are laypeople who participate in the Order’s charism by praying the Offices, practicing still prayer, and offering intercessions. For more information on becoming an Associate or Oblate, email Michelle Jackson, ObJN: or call: (916) 683-1467.


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