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The Worship and Music Ministry Team is a gathering of people interested in all aspects of the liturgical life here at Trinity Cathedral.  The team meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7 pm in Classroom F (following a dinner at 6pm in the Great Hall).  If you are interested in how the worship life of the Cathedral is planned, please come to the meeting.  All are most welcome!  Please look over the brochure and let me know if you have any questions or would like to get connected to any of the ministries listed here at the Cathedral.

The Rev. Lynell Walker, Canon Pastor

916-446-2513 ext 25 or email lwalker259@aol.com

Music is an important part of our life and worship at Trinity Cathedral.  The Celebration Choir sings at the Sunday 9:00 am service and rehearses on Thursday evenings at 7 pm beginning September 1st.  The Cathedral Choir sings at 11:15 am on Sundays and rehearses on Wednesday evenings at 7:15 pm beginning August 24th.  If you enjoy the contribution music makes to our worship, contact Canon David Link at sierracanon@gmail.com or 916-446-2513 ext. 224 for more information. 

Children at the Cathedral are welcome to join the Cathedral Choristers, led by Kami Davis.  They meet Sunday mornings during the 11:15 am service in Classroom C.  Choristers learn to read music, master basic music skills, and participate in worship at the Cathedral as well as doing concerts in the community.  Children must be 6 yrs. or older to join.  If you would like your child to participate, please contact Kami at kamilynk@gmail.com.

Trinity Cathedral’s Altar Guild is a community of committed men and women who prepare the sanctuary for worship.  They are responsible for the care of the altar, linens, brass, silver, and candles. They also set up for Holy Communion, Baptisms, weddings and funerals.  Serving on the altar guild gives you a deep understanding of the liturgy of the church.  Members belong to a “team” and serve once a month.  No experience is required and training is provided.  If interested, please contact Sue Clark at grandmasueclark@yahoo.com or 916-201-1977.

Trinity’s Acolytes are a committed community of children, youth and adults who assist the Celebrant with worship and the preparation of Holy Communion.  Children should be nine years old before considering this particular ministry.  If you are interested in becoming an acolyte, please contact Brian Kempton at brkempton@earthlink.net or 916-361-3736.

Trinity Cathedral’s Bread Bakers weekly bake the bread for Holy Communion.  Bakers use one of four recipes and are trained in how to prepare and care for the bread before it is brought to the church for use on Sundays.  The fresh bread is brought to the Cathedral on Saturday mornings for use the next day.  If you would be interested in this unique ministry, please contact Mary Smith at mwsmith916@comcast.net or 916-834-1481.

Trinity Cathedral’s Stole Stitchers make the stoles that are given to candidates at baptism.  Three sizes (infant, child/youth, and adult) of stoles are made and adorned with a religious symbol completed in “cross stitch”.  14-count stoles cross stitch patterns are provided.  If you would be interested in making these sacred gifts for the newly baptized, please contact Annette Braddon-Walker at bradann1@comcast.net or 916-456-2613.

Trinity’s Lay Worship Leaders are persons who lead public worship under the direction of the clergy.  Currently they lead the Thursday Night Compline service, assist with the Good Friday liturgy, and lead Morning/Evening prayer as the need arises.  If you would be interested in leading worship please contact Loren Weatherly at loren.weatherly@gmail.com or 916-715-1501.

Trinity’s Ushers play an incredibly important role at the Cathedral.  They are often the first contact visitors have with our community.  Their job is to make both stranger and old-timer welcome, answer questions about parking and restrooms, and give all who come through our doors a program so they can fully participate in our beautiful liturgy.  They are our guest’s first impression of the Cathedral.  If you have a gift of “hospitality and welcome” please contact our head usher, Kevin Donohue KFDSAC@surewest.net or 916-440-7735.

The Flower Committee plays an important role in telling our biblical stories based on the liturgical seasons of the year.  They blend their artistic skills with natural greens and flowers to adorn the altar for worship.  Participants belong to a “team” and work one weekend a month to design and assemble the arrangements for the glory of God.  Newcomers are always welcome and will be trained.  If interested, please contact Kathy Twibell at kdtwibell@gmail.com or 916-400-4982.

Every Sunday we celebrate Holy Communion or Eucharist.  Eucharistic Ministers are those who assist the clergy in distributing the elements of bread and wine.  It is a ministry for those who feel particularly drawn to the sacramental life of the church.  You must be a communicant in good standing to serve the church in this capacity, be approved by the Congregational Commission on Ministry and be licensed by the Office of the Bishop.  If you are interested in this ministry, please contact Chris Sanft at chris@sanft.org or 916-802-8935.

Trinity Cathedral also has a team of Eucharistic Visitors who take communion to members of the Cathedral who are unable to attend church.  These faithful members are often homebound or in the hospital.  This ministry requires special training and one must be licensed by the Office of the Bishop before visiting people with such needs.  If you are interested in learning more about this ministry please contact Jackie McGrath at jackiewmcgrath@gmail.com or 916-712-6561.

The church Lectors are those who read the lessons prescribed in the Revised Common Lectionary for each Sunday of the year.  The lessons most often come from the Old Testament and the New Testament Epistles.  They also lead the congregation in the praying of the Psalms.  Lectors prepare for this task during the week prior to their use in the liturgy.  If you enjoy the craft of storytelling this would be the perfect ministry!  If interested, please contact Canon Elizabeth Kenealey at superverger@yahoo.com or 916-761-9184.

Trinity’s Intercessors are those who lead the Prayers of the People during the Sunday services.  They should enjoy oral reading and leading the congregation in prayer.  Prayer is an important part of worship.  It gives us a chance to intercede not only for ourselves, but to pray for the needs of the world around us.  Prayer changes things.  If you would like to lead the community in prayer, please contact Canon Elizabeth Kenealey at superverger@yahoo.com or .916-761-9184.  If you are interested in writing the Prayers of the People to be used in the Sunday liturgy, please contact Susan VanDyke at dvandyke876@sbcglobal.net or 916-296-8346.

The Vergers at the Cathedral play an important role in the Sunday morning liturgy.  Vergers work at the appointment and pleasure of the Dean.  They work behind the scene in assisting the sacristans in preparing the sanctuary for worship.  Vergers help guide the movement of participants in the liturgy and are available to resolve emergency concerns during the worship service.  If you are interested in this ministry, please contact our head verger, Canon Elizabeth Kenealey at superverger@yahoo.com or 916-761-9184 or Dean Brian Baker at 916-446-2513 ext. 219.

The Sacristans at the Cathedral assist with the nuts and bolts of preparing for Sunday’s worship.  They have a long checklist to complete before the service begins, including checking the batteries in the microphones and assigning positions for the distribution of communion.  Each sacristan is assigned to a particular weekend and stays to cover the first three services on their given Sunday.  If you enjoy detail work, this might be for you!  If interested, please contact Chris Sanft at chris@sanft.org or 916-802-8935.

The Wedding Coordinators at the Cathedral are currently Pat Park (parknbeans@aol.com) and John Kraynak (jjkinlaca@gmail.com).  They assist couples in the detail planning of their wedding, participate in the rehearsal, and assist the appointed clergy on the day of the wedding.  Such events are festive occasions at the Cathedral.  If you would be interested in volunteering to assist with large weddings, please contact Pat Park at 916-402-1154 or John Kraynak at 213-271-0560.

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